i-tec usb smart charger 6x usb-a port 52w

i-tec usb smart charger 6x usb-a port 52w
sku: 29602385
Shipping from: United Arab Emirates
i-tec USB Quick Charge Smart Charger 6 Port 52W is a USB charger for mobile phones, tablets, navigation, power banks, music players, cameras and other digital devices. You can charge 5 devices via five USB-A outputs and 1 device via one Quick Charge 3.0 output. You can charge up to 6 USB devices at a time. All USB ports DC 5 V/max. 2.4 A are designed for fast and efficient charging of mobile devices requiring a large supply current. The big advantage of this adapter is 1x USB-A Quick Charge 3.
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