Hard Floor Cleaning Solution (2 Bottles)

Hard Floor Cleaning Solution (2 Bottles)
sku: T29C3121
€ 25.99
Shipping from: United States
Tough on Stains - Effortlessly lift dirt, grime, grease, and tough stains off hard surfaces to make cleanup easier.
Ideal for All Hard Floors - Versatile and safe to use on different finishings around the house, including tile, ceramic, marble, laminate, vinyl, and more.
Friendly Formula - Be tough on stains but gentle on the earth. The specially developed formula made from plants makes cleaning floors easier while being environmentally friendly.
Clean Finish - Turn streaky-clean messes to squeaky-clean floors with this reduced foaming formula that leaves a clean, consistent finish every time.
Perfect Match - Compatible with X9 Pro, eufy X10 Pro Omni, G10 Hybrid, G30 Hybrid, X8 Hybrid, G20 Hybrid, G40 Hybrid, G40 Hybrid+, L70 Hybrid, LR30 Hybrid, LR30 Hybrid+, L35 Hybrid, L35 Hybrid+. More deep cleaning and less deep worrying for you.
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