eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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From "PES" to " eFootball " It's an all-new era of digital soccer: 'PES' is evolving into 'eFootball™'! Get ready to kick off a new era of soccer with "eFootball™ 2022"!This special edition bundle gives you access to the core game (free to play) and a number of top-tier items that will help you build your Creative Team in eFootball™ World!Create your dream team by signing players and managers, and train them to fit your personal playstyle.You will then be able to test your skills against opponents from across the globe.Soccer EvolvedPES, the iconic soccer game series, has been rebranded to "eFootball™" this year.This change signals a new era of virtual soccer, with enhanced graphics and gameplay.Get ready to enjoy a brand new soccer experience that only eFootball™ 2022 can offer!A New Engine for a New EraOur ultimate goal has always been to create "the perfect head-to-head experience".To achieve this ambitious objective, a new engine was implemented, changing the game from the ground up.This engine provides a completely new way to showcase player animations, a focus on 1v1 battles, and updated commands for offense and defense.eSports Without BordersThe ultimate eSports platform should not allow device choice to be a limitation.With future updates, all soccer fans will be able to match against everyone, regardless of whether they play on console, PC, or mobile.To top it off, official eSports tournaments will be held in collaboration with leagues and clubs from around the globe!Free to Play and Future UpdatesThis game is Free to Play, allowing you to enjoy some top-notch soccer action without an initial investment!Furthermore, yearly updates will now be "season updates" instead of becoming a completely new title.In this game, you will be able to choose your favorite players and managers that will form your dream team.Select a manager that applies your favorite formation and tactics, train your players to ensure they are at their peak performance, and take on the world!There will be a plethora of weekly tournaments that are based on real-world matchups, providing a fresh and exciting experience for everyone.More game modes will be added through future expansions, so keep an eye out for those too!Modes Available in This VersionGame modes:Local match using 9 preselected teams.Challenge events, available against AI opponents and human opponents online, using authentic teams.*Challenge events may not be available in the first few days.Various new modes and events are being planned for future updates. For more information, please check the roadmap overview posted on the official eFootball™ website.
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