Zombie Army 4: Dead War | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Zombie Army 4: Dead War | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a third-person perspective action-shooter game developed and published by Rebellion. The game continues the story of Zombie Army Trilogy, introducing a brand new storyline. After sending undead Hitler to Hell, the Survivor Brigade must face new threats, as the zombies continue to ram the Earth. ZA4 re-introduces some of the mechanics the fans of Sniper Elite series are familiar with, such as X-Ray kill-cams. The game includes a multiplayer mode, where up to four players can cooperate to vanquish evil hordes. ZA4: Dead War received positive reviews from the critics, who praised the gameplay mechanics, especially shooting and varied difficulty options.Kill hordes of zombies in fast-paced action gameplayZombie Army 4 continues the traditions of its predecessors – high-octane action and gore abound in the fourth installment of zombie-slaying series. The game's main feature in that respect is returned X-Ray Kill-Cam. The player will be able to see the details of their kill in gruesome details – zombie brains exploding, bodies torn to shreds, and more await for those not afraid to look.To achieve all these macabre effects the player will need sufficient tools. Luckily, ZA4 provides the tools of destruction to turn against undead hordes – sniper rifles, SMGs, pistols, grenades, as well as heavier ordnance – flamethrowers, buzzsaws, Panzerschrecks and more. Each weapon can be upgraded with elemental powers – fire and lightning, as well as the divine essence. All this makes for a truly powerful arsenal the undead will learn to fear.The game features a multiplayer mode, where up to four players can join in the fight against the hordes of the undead. The players' survival time expands the map and brings out more zombies to slay.Defeat the not-so-dead army in the story campaignOne year after the brave members of the Survivor Brigade sent Adolf Hitler's rotting corpse back to hell, the dead are still walking the Earth. Some new force controls them, sending the hordes of zombies against European cities. The Survivor Brigade must once again band together and face the undead. Karl, Boris, Shola and Jun, will travel across the battlefields filled with walking corpses, fighting for survival and to find out the new source of the living dead plague.ReceptionZombie Army 4 Dead War received solid reviews. Despite not being the most innovative, the game managed to capture the hearts of the reviewers. The critics praised the gameplay, with special mentions going to shooting mechanics and further improvements over the previous installments of the series.
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