Zero G Arena Steam Key GLOBAL

Zero G Arena Steam Key GLOBAL
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Zero G Arena is an arena shooter with zero gravity, ragdoll physics, grappling beams and magnet boots. It's an intense combination!The game is designed to work on multiple levels of play:The novelty of the mechanics and the sheer fun of floating and swinging about the levels provides a fun experience at any level of play.The outlandish hijinks that are enabled by the ragdoll physics, grapple beams and fast-paced action make the game hilarious fun to play casually with friends (or with friendly strangers on public servers...).At it's core, Zero G Arena is a balanced, competitive game with an extremely high skill-ceiling. Mastery of the movement mechanics is of more importance than aiming ability. You may also be surprised by it's tactical depth (feel free to ask me on the forums for more about this).
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