Yar's Revenge Steam Key GLOBAL

Yar's Revenge Steam Key GLOBAL
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In Yar’s Revenge, take flight as you explore exotic alien worlds and seek to avenge your fallen race. Gain experience to upgrade and expand your armor and weapon capabilities as you fight off the evil Qotiles. But remember to take care in the choices you make – as the fate of your species and home world hangs in the balance.Key featuresAn exhilarating on-rails shooter - a tightly scripted cinematic experience in which Yar flies through visually stunning Miyazaki-inspired landscapes while fighting a wide variety of memorable enemies.6 unique and beautiful environments - fly through the rich and lush environment of the Yar Village to the bio-technological nightmare of the Qotile Homeworld.Upgrades and RPG elements - Gain experience while customizing your armor and weapon abilities.Drop in/drop out co-op - Join your friend at any time and help them conquer the Qotile menace.Flashback - Unlock bonus features such as the original comic and challenge modes which will test your skills.
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age: PEGI 12
platform: Steam
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