XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
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XCOM Enemy Unknown Complete Pack is a legendary strategy sci-fi video game developed by Firaxis (the creators of Civilization) and released thanks to 2K Games in 2012. This exclusive bundle includes the base game plus XCOM: Enemy Within add-on and all additional downloadable content for the title. Play the turn-based remake of the 1994 classic and enjoy the complete edition of the alien-fighting experience in one of Steam's favorite gaming titles! XCOM: Enemy Unknown When a massive alien invasion threatens an entire planet, an elite XCOM unit comes to life. Its task is to save all humanity from invasion and discover new technologies. Command this unique crew and have every aspect of its management under control. Set up a base and develop your strategy on the map of the whole world. Your job is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of each country as each success generates cash for the development of XCOM. Coordinate the operation of particular units and take part in turn-based missions. Eliminate as many aliens as possible, acquire their technologies, and take care of the soldiers' morale. Collect alien technologies and resources to research and experiment on new weapons. Level up, and soon you will be able to unlock even more skills and create real super-soldiers! XCOM: Enemy Within It is an expansion pack that will boost your gameplay in XCOM: Enemy Unknown! Encounter two brand-new alien species and confront the secret EXALT organization. Discover the new Meld resource to take your research to a whole new level. From now, you can perform genetic upgrades, creating even better units on the battlefield. And that's not all! Enemy Within introduces the Mec Trooper - an advanced soldier that will be practically indestructible in the battle. Elite Soldier Pack and Slingshot Content Pack Gain access to a bonus pack of cosmetic improvements for your gameplay with the Elite Soldier Pack. Adjust the colors, hairstyles, and looks of the armor as you desire. Want even more exciting XCOM gameplay? Check out the Slingshot Content Pack to enjoy an additional mission and brand-new characters. Key features Play the remake of the classic 1994 alien-fighting game loved by players on Steam Enjoy the rich content of the unique XCOM: Enemy Unknown story Get your game going with the epic XCOM: Enemy Within expansion pack Try cosmetic upgrades and a new mission in additional content Play solo or in PvP multiplayer with another player
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