Wilson Bela Elite V2 Padel Racket

Wilson Bela Elite V2 Padel Racket
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Textured with SpinEffect technology and layered with carbon fiber materials, the Bela Elite V2 padel racket maximizes power and control. This racket was co-designed with the great Fernando Belasteguin, an icon in the game of padel. He’s recently shared his view of how he made it to where he is now: obsession is personal. He’s obsessed with the sport, and his concept on how players can reach their goals are highlighted in this racket. Combining ultimate power, control, and comfort, this racket is what you need to kick-start your journey to becoming a legend. Includes a detachable wrist cord that can be swapped out in a variety of colors. | Wilson Bela Elite V2 Padel Racket
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