We Were Here Together - Steam - Key GLOBAL

We Were Here Together - Steam - Key GLOBAL
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We were Here together is the third installment of online cooperative games, produced by independent studio Total Mayhem Games. Productions under this sign are characterized by a great emphasis on cooperation between players, which will be the key to success.It all starts with seeing the warning flare that pulled you out of your restless sleep. Such a signal can mean only one thing - someone is in trouble and desperately asks for help. As you are on the inhospitable land of Antarctica, you know you should show solidarity with your fellow researchers and do whatever it takes to get them out of trouble. However, only two people remain in the base - you and someone who will help you. It is your communication skills, speed of decision-making, determination, and self-confidence that will determine whether the rescue mission turns out to be a success or a failure. Moreover, you don't really know what exactly you got into yet ...Players who were already familiar with the We Were Here franchise know what to expect - because the production draws handfuls from the experience of its predecessors. Once you travel through the frozen Antarctic wastelands, you will find yourself separated in a medieval castle full of puzzles, secrets, and threats. From now on, it all depends on your investigation - investigations that you must conduct together, equipped with a walkie-talkie. But remember - the fortress is full of dangers that will quickly put an end to your activities if you are not careful enough. In this video game, you must be vigilant at every moment.We Were Here game can be described as a typical puzzle game with an online co-op system. Although it sounds simple, it works great in practice - players have to prompt each other and communicate efficiently to solve puzzles and face the dangers. The main goal is the abandoned Castle Rock, a mysterious castle where you have been separated, and most of the locations are designed like popular Escape Rooms - you need to solve certain puzzles to push the story forward. During the game, the atmosphere is added by the fact that we participate in a not entirely clear mystery, we rely only on ourselves and our partner, and thus - we have the impression of participating in a marionette theater, where the director is unknown.The release date for We Was Here Together for PC was October 10, 2019. The game has also been released on the Xbox One (June 5, 2020) and PlayStation 4 (February 23, 2021). The graphics are kept in a simple, slightly caricatured style, which certainly meets the requirements of players.Key Features:Cooperative puzzle-solvingThrilling storylineA refreshed continuation of a proven ideaCommunication as a key to successDigital escape room, full of interesting puzzles
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