Warframe: Rage Pinnacle Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

Warframe: Rage Pinnacle Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
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The Warframe Rage Pinnacle Pack was designed to provide you with a lot of bonus content, thanks to which your experience with the game is going to be even better. The pack provides you with the following bonuses:150 000 credits which you can use to upgrade your equipment.1500 platinum which you can use buy new weapons, equipment, warframes, etc.20 random mod cards.10 rare mod cards.3 Exilus Adapters which allow you to instantly unlock an Exilus Mod Slot, for interesting upgrades of your Warframe.Equilibrium Mod which allows you to gain energy from health packs and health from energy packs.Endurance Drift Mod which upgrades your Parkour Velocity and Max Energy.Rage Mod thanks to which you can convert any inflicted damage into health and energy.Master Thief Mod thanks to which you have a chance to unlock locked chests.7-Day Credit Booster thanks to which you gain more credits.7-Day Affinity Booster thanks to which you will be able to level up your equipment much faster.7-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster to increase your chance of finding rare items.7-Day Resource Booster to increase the number of pickups.As it can be seen, Pinnacle Pack gives you a lot of interesting boosters and items. However, there is more. The DLC gives you the Orthos Polearm and free Orthos Onyx Skin which is exclusive for Steam.GameplayFor those of you who want to start the adventure with the Warframe, a short description of the game. It is a third-person co-op action game with many RPG elements. You are a member of a Tenno Race. Masters of both ranged and melee weapons who look and behave like futuristic ninjas. It screams one thing, pure epic.Key featuresNew weapon and the Steam exclusive skin for you.3 Exilus Adapters.A few rare mods for you to utilize.1500 Platinum and 150 000 credits.A few 7-days boosters for you to gain resources, credits and items at much faster pace.
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