Walkabout Mini Golf VR (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Walkabout Mini Golf VR (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Walkabout Mini Golf VR is an independent sports video game developed and released by Mighty Coconut in 2021 for PC. Invite the most realistic golf experience to your home! In this title, you will discover everything that every golf fan dreams of - and even more. Enjoy the game solo, with friends or other players, and instantly fall in love with your new favorite activity. The title collects overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, praised for its relaxing gameplay style and charming graphics. If you are the owner of the Oculus Quest headset, be sure to give yourself a moment of everlasting joy in Walkabout Mini Golf. Gameplay Start your mini-golf adventure and enter the virtual world of idyllic locations and fresh challenges. In the game, you will discover eight 18-hole courses that will open up new opportunities for fun. Enjoy realistic physics, breathtaking views, and smooth moves - all you need is a headset and controllers. Discover the magic of precision and accept the hardest challenges! Walkabout Golf VR is a title for everyone - professionals and complete amateurs. At each level, you will discover entirely different courses set in stunningly beautiful worlds. Start the game and lose yourself in the competition. Or enjoy the lovely weather! Master your moves and invent better and better golf tricks! Every environment detail can come in handy during the game, so let your creativity run wild! Moreover, connected holes will always lead you to the next surprise, revealing new parts of the course. It is worth getting involved in looking for the lost balls to discover the secrets of a chosen level. The VR Mini Golf video game features the Night Mode, where the known gameplay will turn upside down. Discover classic courses in a completely different version, offering new rewards and tasks! Invite someone to the game with a Guest Pass or play with a random player and meet new friends. And if you want, you can create a separate room for up to five players. Play as you like and have fun in the most realistic mini golf video game ever. And to expand your unforgettable experience, be sure to check out the fantastic DLCs featuring new courses and even more challenges! Key features Play the most realistic mini-golf in virtual reality Start your golf adventure and practice to get better Discover the layout and secrets of each course Collect balls and collectibles Play solo or in multiplayer
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