WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship | Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - EUROPE

WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship | Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - EUROPE
Xbox Live
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WRC 9 is the next game of series of rally racing games developed by Kylotonn and KT Racing in September 2020. In the game, players have an opportunity to experience feelings accompanying professional rally drivers during action-packed races on various challenging tracks, and eventually win the World Rally Championship. The game puts a strong focus on immersion, which is mostly visible in driving mechanics and the way vehicles behave on tracks. To increase the level of realism, developers have put a lot of effort to make each car feel and sound like their's real-life equivalents. Additionally, the game features only officially-licensed drivers and cars, familiar to every WRC enthusiast. WRC 9 features fifty official rally racing teams from the 2020 WRC season. Additionally, players will have an opportunity to control one of fifteen iconic World Rally Championship cars. WRC 9 Gameplay From the beginning of the series, realism was one of the fundamental elements of the gameplay, and the newest WRC game is not an exception. To make the gameplay as immersive, and realistic as possible, developers did their best to create numerous mechanics influencing how each vehicle feels while driving it. To maximize performance during races, players must remember about many different factors that will affect their machines - the weather, or a type of surface are but a few to mention. To become the Champion, players will have to strategically manage their vehicle's equipment (the suspension, types of tires, etc.). During the gameplay, players can participate in various different competitions like WRC 2, WRC 3, and even WRC Junior. The game gives us a chance to visit various places from all over the world such as Africa, Japan, or New Zeland.Game Modes The main game mode of WRC 9 is the Career Mode, where players have a chance to participate in a series of rallies all over the world and ultimately win the World Rally Championship. Developers decided to continue using some of the mechanics from previous installments, however, they have been improved in many ways. Besides racing, players will have a number of other responsibilities like managing a team of engineers, medics, mechanics, and even meteorologists. With progression in the game, players can improve the team's skills increasing their performance. Additionally, the game features an exciting and competitive multiplayer mode, where we can test ours driving skills while racing against other players. WRC 9: Deluxe Edition The Deluxe Edition gives players access to additional in-game content which includes: WRC 9 The Toyota Corolla 1999 Super OS Barcelona A Boost increasing your progress in the Career Mode Key Features An ultimate World Rally Championship experience! Over 60 officially licensed cars, including the legends of WRC! A variety of demanding tracks that will test your abilities. Engaging and immersive Carrier Mode. Participate in exciting rallies against other WRC 9 players in the Multiplayer Mode.
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