WARMACHINE: Tactics - Mercenaries Faction Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

WARMACHINE: Tactics - Mercenaries Faction Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Magnus the Traitor Asheth Magnus works with the inexhaustible energy of a man utterly devoted to his purpose, which is survival and revenge. Once a loyal servant of Cygnar’s deposed king, Vinter Raelthorne, Magnus now sells his services to the highest bidder as he bides his time, preparing for the return of his exiled liege. A formidable warcaster and unparalleled tactician, Magnus’ mastery of warfare is as feared as it is in demand throughout the Iron Kingdoms. Drake MacBainMacBain is a shrewd combatant willing to use every trick and improvised stratagem he can manage to assure victory. Years at war making do with whatever warjacks and men he can muster have made him an expert in exploiting his enemy’s weaknesses. He has a reputation for being a stickler with contracts and adheres to their particulars with stubborn devotion. When he signs his name to commit to a task, he delivers on that promise, and this reliability has earned him such constant work that he regularly has to turn offers away. Those who fight with him know he truly loves his job and is never happier than when extricating himself from some deadly situation. Mangler Warjack Originally hammered together from an assortment of scrap materials, the Mangler has quickly become a favored heavy warjack chassis among the mercenary companies of the Iron Kingdoms. Equipped with a massive spiked ball of riveted iron, the Mangler can smash through enemy formations in a single swing. The huge spike on its left arm is wicked in close combat and also leaves its hand open to execute throw power-attacks, making the Mangler as versatile as it is deadly. Renegade Warjack Asheth Magnus’ magnum opus is a testament to his intuitive skill with mechanika. Based on the chassis of decommissioned Cygnaran ‘jacks, the Renegade exemplifies Magnus’ approach to war: overwhelming aggression accompanied by a total commitment to each battle. Armed with a savage chain-driven shredder scrapsaw and a one-shot obliterator rocket, whose powerful concussive blasts are able to toss troops like ragdolls, the Renegade is devastating in both close combat and from afar. But its most valuable feature is its arc node, allowing Magnus to channel spells from a distance — a coveted ability unique among mercenaries in the Iron Kingdoms. Talon Warjack Originally developed as a frontline Cygnaran warjack, the Talon is a common sight in today’s black markets and salvage yards. Though retired from the Cygnaran armory in favor of more technologically advanced chassis, the Talon remains a favorite among mercenary companies for its reliable effectiveness in almost any situation. The Talon’s Stun Lance, while lethal against soldiers, has the added benefit of being able to stall enemy warjacks, making them easier to hit and unable to run or charge. Its spiked shield provides increased protection and a secondary weapon in close combat. Simple, but effective, the Talon will remain a staple of mercenary and freelance forces for many years to come. Steelhead Rifleman Working in concert with other Steelheads, or the regular forces of a client army, the Steelhead Riflemen are skilled shooters capable of decimating enemy lines or providing covering fire to ensure that their allies reach the enemy in one piece. Every rifleman is a solid marksman, but when ordered to concentrate their fire at a single target they become truly deadly. Steelhead Halberdier For the right price, the Steelhead Mercenary Company can bring more soldiers to bear than any other. Halberdiers are the core of that company, and wielding a simple but effective pole arm, these mercenary soldiers can bring down more sophisticated enemies with astonishing efficiency. Kell Bailoch Perhaps even more notorious than sniper-for hire Kell Bailoch, is his legendary mechanika rifle, Silence. The weapon makes no report when fired, allowing its shooter to stay concealed, never giving away his position. The chilling promise of a soundless death is what every soldier fears when facing an enemy force that has contracted Bailoch. Jarok Croe A notorious murderer and shameless opportunist, Jarok Croe is most valued by his clients for his effectiveness against arcanists. His mechanika pistol, Hiss, can neutralize spell casting and with his combination of stealthy movement and a poisoned blade, no target will keep Croe from his payday. Greygore Boomhowler Trollkin fell callers command a power of voice that staggers the imagination, capable of invoking supernatural effects through song alone. Greygore Boomhowler claims to be the reincarnation of Bragg, the most legendary fell caller in trollkin history, revered as much for his lust of procreation, booze and battle (in that order) as for his vocal prowess.
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