Void Steam Key GLOBAL

Void Steam Key GLOBAL
артикул: 3cc26ced-33fd-40a3-896f-246fbe0dfb2f
Доставка из: Китай
Race against the clock of your depleting air supply, spending fuel to add force vectors to yourself - physics students might enjoy this. Optimize your style between spending more fuel to move quickly or conserving fuel to change directions more times to navigate the agoraphobic field of space junk. Select your path wisely to collect more air and fuel resources floating in the environment. Play two missions, each containing subtle meaning to the life of the protagonist. The player realizes the meaning in the protagonist's life to win the game. The pace of the puzzle is controlled by the player's knowledge and ability - although a "speed run" player might finish the game in a few minutes, the ruins will take many hours to learn and master.
platform: Steam
priceplus: 464.08
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