Void Monsters: Spring City Tales Steam Key GLOBAL

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales Steam Key GLOBAL
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Hoping to escape your destiny as a monster trainer you left the home of your famous parents to find your own way in the world. Within two years of leaving home your parents had been murdered and now you've been called back to inherit their failing farm.With the farm heavily in debt to the bank, and with a burning desire to find and kill your parents' murderer the only option is to take up the mantle of monster trainer and the destiny you tried so hard to escape.Features:A huge open world to explore.Nearly 100 unique monsters to collect, train, and evolve. Choose from 10 playable characters.A dynamic economy influenced by your choices.Break into, and steal from, any house, shop, or warehouse.A massive crafting system with hundreds of craftable items.Hundreds of quests including an immense main storyline.Multiple ways to proceed and complete the game.40 hours of scripted gameplay and the chance to play on indefinitely!A battle arena to challenge other monster trainers.Breed goats on your farm for milk, to craft battle cheeses and magical yogurts.An advanced weapon and armour socketing system.
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