Viscera Cleanup Detail - The Vulcan Affair Steam Key GLOBAL

Viscera Cleanup Detail - The Vulcan Affair Steam Key GLOBAL
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His plans set in motion, Dr. Hades and his villainous underlings laughed to themselves from their seats at an elaborate table, deep underground on a remote island lair. It would prove to be a short-lived interlude however, as Fox Huntington, dapper plot-foiler extraordinaire and international man-of-action, proceeded to lay waste to the twisted Doctor's evil plans. The world was saved!Now that an international super-spy has done their part, it falls to you to get on with the real work..So, straighten up your bow-tie, spray on your finest fragrance and pay a visit to your nearest gadget store; it's time to clean this place up!Features:The Vulcan Affair features an entirely new level set in Dr. Hades sprawling volcano lair, nestled on a remote island. You will be tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of a mission to take down Dr. Hades and end his 'Vulcan Project'.One expansive new map; a sprawling island lair filled with new sights and content.Eight new songs for the Big Banger radio.Ten new achievements to complete.Plenty of new assets, features and challenges one would expect to find in a super-villain's lair..
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