Video Doorbell E340 (2-Pack) Black

Video Doorbell E340 (2-Pack) Black
sku: BUNDLE-T8214111-2
Shipping from: United States
Dual Cameras, Double Security: Two cameras work together to deliver advanced viewing. The front-facing camera focuses on people, while the downward-facing camera fills in the gaps with a view of the floor in front of your door.
Color Night Vision for a Clear View : Introducing the industry's first dual-light system paired with an advanced light capturing and processing algorithm. Less blur than previous iterations of night vision and a clear nighttime viewing distance of up to 16ft (5m).
See What Matters in 2K Full HD Clarity: 2K clarity reveals more details. Get clear and detailed visuals of your doorstep and anyone who drops by.
Battery or Wired, Your Choice: Battery mode allows easy installation with the quick-release battery pack, and you can keep a spare for quick swaps and to avoid downtime due to charging. Wired mode also runs off the battery, the difference is the battery is kept topped up at all times. This gives you the best of both worlds with no charging required and power that continues during a power outage.Note: To use wired mode, the battery must remain installed and a power source power should be connected with 8 to 24V and >10VA.
Pair with a Chime to Hear Alerts Throughout Your Home: Can connect with your existing chime, or pair with eufy HomeBase S280, eufy HomeBase S380, eufy Minibase Chime (T8023), Alexa devices, and Google Voice Assistant devices. Note: Not compatible with the original eufy Wi-Fi Chime (T8020) or eufy Chime (T8740/T8742).
Compatible with HomeBase S380 with firmware version V3.3.2.6 and above.
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