Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Steam Gift GLOBAL

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a sandbox strategy-action game, developed and published by Brilliant Game Studios for PC Windows. In UEBS, the player pits two large scale armies against each other and observes the result of the clash. The player can choose from various types of units including knights, soldiers, inanimate objects and animals. UEBS received positive reviews from the critics who praised the title for the variety of units and wild fun of observing a mighty army of Roman soldiers being defeated by a horde of chickens.Epic Scale GameplayEpic Battle Simulator is, as the title suggests, a battle simulation game with elements of strategy thrown in. In the game, the player chooses two armies, each made of hundreds of thousands of units and places them on the battlefield. The maps in UEBS include open plains and small towns, each affecting the progress of battle differently.The units are divided into two types – melee and ranged, and several categories. The categories vary from normal units like medieval knights, ancient warriors. and modern-day soldiers. However, the game doesn’t stop there, introducing chickens, penguins, mechs, T-Rexes and more, making for opportunities of some really crazy mashups. There are also special hero characters, one of them being the legendary Chuck Norris.The player can use different special abilities, called God Powers, to influence the result of the battle. These powers include Nuke, which creates a powerful blast decimating huge portions of armies, and Wind, which scatters units about the map. ReceptionUltimate Epic Battle Simulator received solid reviews from critics and quickly gaining a dedicated following amongst the players. Reviewers praised the game for the idea of mashing-up different types of units and the large scale of battles, some of which involve over ten thousand units on both sides. Fans enjoyed the humor of the game provided by the spectacle of a horde of innocent-looking penguins, storming an army of US soldiers. All in all, the game was considered an exciting romp, without any special gameplay qualities to distract from pure fun. Key featuresBattle on an epic scale! Choose the armies, which will participate in a battle and see which one emerges victorious.Thousands upon thousands of units on the map! Witness truly epic skirmishes between hundreds of warriors.Never bring the sword to a chicken fight! Choose from various types of units, from soldiers and knights to animals and inanimate objects.Windy, with a chance of nukes! Unleash your godly powers to tip the balance during the battle.Fighting in towns and plains! Choose different maps and see the units adapt to the terrain in their quest for victory.
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