Ultimate Booster Experience VR Steam PC Key GLOBAL

Ultimate Booster Experience VR Steam PC Key GLOBAL
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Take a ride on a huge 200m (600ft) swing with breathtaking views of a high-detailed city or try other height challenges. Big open city and various extreme adventures will take you on new fantastic height. Key featuresGiant Swing — That's gonna be a crazy ride with lots of twists, speedups and unexpected ending. Ride till the end or eject yourself at any time! If you are going to try it on your feet (we know you will) — it's better to have someone around you for more safety.Bungee Jump — First VR Rope jump. As simple as that.Rocket Mode — Grab your own Shuttle-Rocket and spend your time in our Open City location! Air Balloon — Have a chill ride over modern megapolis. If it looks boring for you — just pull that lever and see what will happen! Canyon Ride — Another swing ride location with stunning canyon atmosphere and a new ending.Eagle Flight — Mighty bold eagle will take you to a journey through the vast canyon.Atmosphere — Just standing on the balcony you can spend your time listening to city sounds, watching birds flying around and big city living it's life or feel magnificent canyon atmosphere. Soundtrack — Awesome soundtrack is provided by Totemlost. Feel their energy while having fun.Party Starter — Show this game to your friends and family to spend fun time together. It's ultimate party starter and reactions you'll see are priceless! New launch screen will allow you to control the ride from your PC.Free updates — We are going to add minor and large features so you can try this experience again and again for more fun! See Updates section below for more info!
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