Ultimate Arena (Simulation) Steam Key GLOBAL

Ultimate Arena (Simulation) Steam Key GLOBAL
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It has taken a few millennia for the art of the arena to be perfected, but we've finally done it. Ultimate Arena puts you in charge of the greatest battle royale, the one that you pick who fights and the conditions they fight under. Take charge by setting up landmines, deploying care packages, and initiating arena events. Create characters, all the little sayings they make, the battle cries, the final speeches, or perhaps create new events like rabid kittens that fall from the sky, a poisonous fog that eats humans alive, or maybe a rogue robot that feeds on living flesh! Your imagination and the limited amount of space left on your SSD are the limit! Share your characters and events with friends on the Steam Workshop and soon you'll have a collection of billions upon billions of unique experiences inside the Ultimate Arena.
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