Transformers The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition

Transformers The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition
Zavvi International
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Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureThe TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE 30th Anniversary Edition featuring the newly remastered movie from a new 4K transfer of original film elements.The AUTOBOTS, led by the heroic OPTIMUS PRIME, prepare to make a daring attempt to retake their planet from the evil forces of MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS. Unknown to both sides, a menacing force is heading their way UNICRON. The only hope of stopping UNICRON lies within the Matrix of Leadership and the AUTOBOT who can rise up and use its power to light their darkest hour. Will the AUTOBOTS be able to save their native planet from destruction or will the DECEPTICONS reign supreme?Bonus Content:Til All Are One A brand-new, comprehensive documentary looking back at TRANSFORMERS: The Movie with members of the cast and crew, including story consultant Flint Dille, cast members Gregg Berger, Neil Ross, Dan Gilvezan, singer/songwriter Stan Bush, composer Vince Dicola and others!Audio Commentary with Director Nelson Shin, story consultant Flint Dille and star Susan BluFeaturettesAnimated StoryboardsTrailers and TV Spots
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