Trainz Simulator : CONTZ Pack - Standard Edition Gift Steam GLOBAL

Trainz Simulator : CONTZ Pack - Standard Edition Gift Steam GLOBAL
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CONTAINER PRODUCTS – 20/40FT DRY VAN CONTAINERS Some months ago, when I was walking around a large shipping terminal in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai, I saw many colourful containers stacked together - which came from all over the world - looking like towering blocks of beautiful skyscrapers. From that time, I planned to make and place these cool iron boxes into my favorite simulator, making our experiences more awesome and more realistic. Now, you will get a total of 10 styles of 20ft and 40ft dry van containers in your railroad world. You are able to carry them by X2K double-stack container well wagons. Features Include: - 10 styles. - Normal Maps. - Weathered. X2K DOUBLE-STACK CONTAINER WELL WAGONS If you intend to travel between Shanghai and Beijing by train, maybe you'll pass a train with double-stacked containers - chances are it will be these, as the X2 series well wagons are the only double-stack container wagons in China. The X2 series double-stack container well wagon is specially designed to carry container traffic. Once a X2 wagon equips ZK6 bogies, it’s called “X2K”, and its max speed is up to 120 km/h. Three colors of X2K wagons are included, which should be mixed in a long train for a more realistic effect! Features Include: - Normal Maps. - Weathered. - Rear Sign Light. - Load Product. - LOD System. CONTAINER YARD Need a place to show off your containers? Here it is. This original container yard references the Luchaogang container yard. It's a new yard in Shanghai, used to storage containers which were carried from Yangshan Deep Water Port and transit by trains. Though its length has been reduced to 500 meters, and it can stack a maximum over 1,000 containers. Features Include: - Normal Maps. - Weathered. - Animate objects. - Can stack over 1,000 Containers.
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product_id: 142469
productid: 142469
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