Train Simulator: Town Scenery Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

Train Simulator: Town Scenery Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
sku: 12857944
Shipping from: China
This pack contains a number of scenic assets that you can add to your own route creations in order to add more detail and variety. List of items included:MP02 Bench01MP02 Bench02MP02 Bin01MP02 Bin02MP02 Bollard01MP02 Bollard02MP02 BrickPlanterMP02 TownSet01MP02 TownSet02MP02 TownSet03MP02 TownSet04MP02 TownSet05MP02 TownSet06MP02 TownSet07MP02 TownSet08MP02 TownSet09MP02 TownSet10MP02 TownSet11MP02 TownSetBingoMP02 TownSetPubMP02 BusShelter01MP02 BusShelter02MP02 BusTimeTableMP02 Concrete TileMP02 FenceMP02 FishandChipsSignMP02 ForSaleSignMP02 PostBox01MP02 StreetLight01MP02 StreetLight02MP02 Town PathMP02 TrafficLight01MP02 TrolleyMP02 TrolleyParkMP02 Wall BrickMP02 Wall Concrete
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