Train Sim World 2 | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Train Sim World 2 | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Train Sim World 2 is the next game of the Train Sim World series, train simulator games allowing players to experience the life of a locomotive driver. As befits a simulator game, the developers from Devetail Games did their best to deliver realistic adventure. The game features a number of faithfully recreated real-life routes and high-quality train models. TSW2 uses advanced Unreal Engine 4 which generates realistic graphics, including fully animated sky, lighting, and 4K Ultra HD support. The game offers a rich single-player experience. What's important for Train Sim World series players, the content purchased for Train Sim World 2020, is compatible with Train Sim World 2.Gameplay Train Sim World 2 offers an extremely realistic experience. The developers focused on making each machine unique in terms of controls, 'feel', and visuals. Among available trains we can find the iconic German express train DB ICE 3M, allowing to feel the speed of 250km/h while driving out of Köln, classic American CSX AC4400CW on the scenic route of Sand Patch Grade, and the 1972 Mark 2 Stock being one of the oldest rolling stock used by the London Underground. Every train is unique if it comes to the controls and it's noticeable since the first moment spent in the new locomotive. It is worth mentioning that each machine has been faithfully re-created thanks to official licenses. The game offers a wide range of customization options. Players can create unique liveries that match their personal preferences. Thanks to Scenario Creator, Train Sim World 2 allows creating custom scenarios limited only by the player's creativity and imagination.All those realistic experiences offered by the game were possible because of the advanced SimuGraph, the mechanic responsible for the dynamic of the vehicles. For the first time ever, it now features adhesion physics - rainy weather make the wheels to slide on the railways, and the terrain influences the vehicle as well. Additionally, the game received a re-designed HUD, providing all the important information for the player, including safety systems, brake controls, accelerometer, and power meter. The game features Dovetail Live, being a kind of personal journal inside which players can observe their statistics, and compare them with other members of the Train Sim World community worldwide. Reception The game received generally positive reviews from players and gaming critics. Players praised Train Sim 2 for its new features, increasing the immersiveness of the title, including detailed models of real-life locomotives, and interesting rail routes. According to the Steam platform, over 70% of users' reviews are positive, and the game itself gathered a huge fanbase. Among mostly praised elements, we will find the innovative SimuGraph thanks to which the game delivers very realistic experiences. Key Features Faithfully designed, officially licensed trains. Hundreds of kilometers of real-life rail routes. Extremely immersive gameplay thanks to the innovative SimuGraph. Rich personalization options allowing to create unique machines. Custom Scenario Creator.
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