Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa Route Add-On (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa Route Add-On (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Experience nail-biting gradients, stunning Swiss scenery and classic motive power with Rivet Games’ Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie!From Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, to the summer and winter resorts at Arosa, the Arosalinie dates back to 1914 and represents the ultimate in rail engineering. With the use of numerous hairpin turns, mountainside tunnels and gradients as steep as 6%, this electrified, metre gauge railway line winds its way through the picturesque Schanfigg valley and offers vital connections for locals, is used to transport resources, and is popular with tourists. The sedate nature of the Arosalinie allows for prolonged exposure to the surrounding terrain, with the journey from end to the other taking about an hour.It’s your job to take charge of the services along this stunning line; link remote communities together, take holidaymakers up through the mountains, and experience the unique blend of hauling both passenger and freight in the same consist.Take control of the classic RhB Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive, manage your speed and stick the timetable as you climb or descend over a kilometre in elevation, slowly drive through the streets of Chur and marvel at the grand Langwieser Viaduct.Choose how you want to play; drive trains, ride around as a passenger, complete the route tasks, or simply pick a vantage point and watch the action unfold. Create your own experiences with the Scenario Planner and Livery Designer. Whatever you choose to do, there's lots to see and experience in Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie.Key FeaturesHighly detailed and authentic recreation of the Arosalinie between Chur and ArosaRhB Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive in RhB liveryEW-1 and Gepackwagen passenger coaches in RhB liverySP-W timber wagonHighly detailed, feature-rich, driving cab with accurate true-to-life performance and handlingJourney Mode featuring over 24 hours of activities for you to masterAccessible Training Modules and 5 detailed and engaging scenariosExtensive 24-hour TimetableA selection of Route Tasks to completeLivery Designer and Scenario Planner compatiblePowered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4 technology
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