Trackday Manager Steam Key GLOBAL

Trackday Manager Steam Key GLOBAL
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Trackday Manager is a Steam exclusive 3D simulation/manager multiplayer game where you are in charge of managing a racing team. You are not the driver but the team chief! You control your driver during races by issuing commands while monitoring the race carefully in beautiful 3D surroundings. Your goal is to guide your driver and team to victory! Before hitting the track, you must purchase cars, upgrade them, and manage a myriad of day-to-day tasks that comes with managing a racing team. When you finally hit the tarmac, you must lead your driver to success by issuing the right commands. When, where and how you perform the different commands is the key to being successful. One command given at the wrong time may lead to your driver losing ground, the car breaking down or other serious incidents that may cost you the trophy. On the other hand, a command given at the correct time will bring you closer to a podium finish! Other means to ensure success includes pit stop strategies, component upgrades, buying new cars, team & driver experience progress and sponsorship deals. Trackday Manager uses real life sponsors which you have to please by winning races or satisfying other criteria set out in the sponsor agreement. Your success is always updated on the online leaderboard, both in-game and on the Trackday Manager website, which tells you how well you are doing compared to your friends and the rest of the world. Trackday Manager features fully rendered 3D environments with a default top down look, but you can zoom all way in to enjoy the action from the cockpit of your car. The tracks and cars use advanced real-time physics, giving an exciting aspect to this heartpounding multiplayer racing game. As you progress through the game you will carefully chose which elements of your car and crew to upgrade to best fit your style as you climb on the international leaderboards. During races you must select the ideal time to do pitstops for fuel and new wheels, and also continuously decide how your driver should behave - from tailing others, overtaking, going into overdrive or try to block - every choice costs or wins you fuel or position in the race! If you are feeling confident for a victory you can leave your driver be, lean back and enjoy the race as it unfolds. Every race is around 10 minutes in length. Key featuresRace day Central with team orders. Perform real-time pit stops to fix and optimize your car. Day and night races with dynamic weather system provides atmosphere and immersion. In-game and web leaderboards with statistics shows how you are performing against your friends - and the rest of the world! Each race can feature up to sixteen players at the same time. Advanced car customization with a vast amount of unique paints, sponsor placement and patterns. Six unique cars with more than 60 different parts to customize as you see fit. Improve the skills and experience of both your drivers and pit stop crew through your career. In-game sponsorship deals featuring real world sponsors. Exciting in-game economy simulating the challenging world of racing management. In-game events hosted by the developers.
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