Tower of Time (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Tower of Time (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Tower of Time game is a fantasy RPG developed by Event Horizon and released in 2018 on PC. During the adventure, players will visit the titular Tower of Time, discovering its mysteries and secrets. In the game, players will face various dangerous enemies that will try to stop them from completing their quest. The game features an engaging storyline, that will provide approximately 20-30 hours of exciting gameplay.Tower of Time StorylineThe action of the game takes place in a fantasy, magic world. Unfortunately, this world is dying, heading to seemingly inevitable destruction. But there is still hope to stop the apocalypse. A long time ago, the game protagonists find a mysterious tower, buried deep under the ground. Many years later he realizes that the tower he found as a child may be the key to finding a way to prevent the world from destruction.Gameplay MechanicsIn the game, the action is presented from an isometric view. During the adventure, the player takes control over a group of heroes. Exploration and tactical encounters with enemies are the main elements of the gameplay. What's interesting, while wandering through the towers, from time to time players will come across some old books about the history of this fantasy universe that will be helpful in understanding what happened.The game features seven unique classes, offering different gameplay experiences. Each class has a set of special abilities (two skill trees each) and a specific role in the group. Developers created a complex and entertaining system of spells based on gestures - to cast a spell, players will have to draw a specific pattern on the screen. ToT is a tactical RPG game, where strategy is the key to victory. There are over 150 enemies with different skills and abilities. It means that brute force will not always be the best solution during encounters, and you will quickly find out that well-thought tactics are the most powerful weapon. Occasionally, our heroes will visit a nearby town to buy or repair equipment. Moreover, some of the buildings can be upgraded, unlocking access to new abilities and gear.ReceptionTower of Time received very good reviews from players and gaming critics. Most of them praise the game for its engaging and original story, as well as challenging and entertaining combat. A variety of classes and skills offers a multitude of gameplay possibilities, where every player can find something for himself. Reviewers additionally applauded the length of the campaign - the game takes about 30-40 hours to beat.Key FeaturesA long and engaging single-player campaignVariety of classes and skillsGesture-based spell castingA multitude of diversified enemiesAn exciting adventures in a fantasy world
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