Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Advanced Edition XBOX LIVE Key GLOBAL

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Advanced Edition XBOX LIVE Key GLOBAL
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Edition is an expanded version of the original 2015s Rainbow Six: Siege game. Another installment in the famous First-Person Tactical Shooter Rainbow Six franchise, branded with Tom Clancy’s name ever since his 1998 novel, Rainbow Six: Siege puts the player in the shoes of one of the Rainbow team operators, engaging in several different combat scenarios. Siege emphasizes cooperation between the members of the team and highly destructible in-game surroundings.In Advanced Edition, players can get their hands on the full game, additional 600 Rainbow Six credits which can be spent in the game’s store as well as 10 unique content packs, which were available only during the Outbreak cooperative event.What’s you get in advanced edition – Outbreak event packs and Rainbow Six Credits:Full orginal game10 Outbreak Collection packs, including items from the time-limited and exclusive Outbreak Collection 600 Rainbow Six CreditsRainbow Six Siege - Advanced Edition offers the players ten content packs from the Outbreak event. Due to its nature, this event introduced several changes to the gameplay of R6S. Participants of the event were tasked with finding the cause behind the epidemic that destroyed a town in New Mexico and root-out its cause.Outbreak content packs include new weapon skins and headgear, charms and uniforms for specific characters, like Elite Uniform for Ash, and Decontamination uniforms for other playable characters. These items are divided into three rarity levels: Rare, Epic and Legendary.ReceptionR6: Siege was met with positive reception from the critics and the players alike. Both groups praised the tactical aspect of the game, emphasis on teamwork between players and destructible environment. A common complaint was that the single-player mode left a lot to be desired. With the introduction of the Advanced Edition, many gamers praised the number of additional content and features introduces in the expansion packs.
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