Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction | Deluxe Edition (Xbox Series X/S) - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction | Deluxe Edition (Xbox Series X/S) - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL
Xbox Live
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction (previously known under the title Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine) puts a new spin on the classic formula of Ubisoft tactical FPS games. In Extraction, the Earth has been invaded by alien creatures called Archaeans. The aliens have set up their hubs all over the world, and the Rainbow Six team must investigate these locations, collect samples and carry out other types of covert missions. The game features solo and co-op play, focusing on stealth and tactical approach to carrying out map objectives. Mission briefing Rainbow Six Exreaction's gameplay focuses on missions called Incursions. The player is sent into the alien-alien-controlled territory with a set of tasks to complete. There are 12 types of procedurally generated mission objectives in total, some of which will require the player to take a sample; others will have the team scouring the installation for vital intel. The player can carry out the mission solo, but cooperative gameplay with other players is also possible. In the co-op mode, the players must work closely together to clear the objectives and return to base alive. If a team member is wounded during the Incursion, they become M.I.A. and can be recovered during the extraction mission. Face the aliens on their turf The mission maps in Rainbow Six Extraction are divided into three subsections. Completing the objectives in one of them allows the player to extract their team or proceed to the next, more dangerous subsection. Clearing the objectives in each section yields mission rewards, with better prizes being given for clearing the objectives on more difficult maps. As with the map objectives, the placement of the enemies during the Incursion is procedurally generated, so no mission will ever go the same way. Team Rainbow Six reunion Rainbow Six Extraction features 18 battle-hardened operatives, including many familiar faces from Rainbow Six Siege. As the alien invasion progressed, the operatives have formed a new unit - Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team (REACT) - in order to gather intel on the invaders. Each operative of the REACT team has unique weapons and equipment, allowing them to distract or detect enemies before engaging them. The players should always think through their choice of operative, taking into consideration the map objectives and potential threats. A new feature is that the operatives don't heal automatically, forcing a more careful and thought-out gameplay approach. Close encounters with the Archaeans The alien invaders will be the REACT team's main enemies throughout the game. Archaeans are a lethal alien race whose members are equipped with different murderous skills, such as shooting deadly spikes at the player. Aside from the Archaean grunts, the team will have to contend with the Sprawl, the substance covering the alien installations. Sprawl makes slows down the player's pace and makes the Archaeans stronger. Due to that, Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay proceeds more slowly than its predecessors, focusing more on the tactical approach. Key features Experience the tactical gameplay of the new Tom Clancy game. Join the new Rainbow Six team on incursions into the alien territory. Complete procedurally-generated map objectives and win rewards. Venture into more difficult subsections of the mission map, where the risk is as high as the rewards. Use the equipment of the 18 playable operatives to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.
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