Titanfall 2 |Ultimate Edition PC - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Titanfall 2 |Ultimate Edition PC - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. In the game, the player assumes the role of a mech pilot tasked with eliminating enemy forces on various maps. Unlike the previous installment of the series, Titanfall 2 features a single-player story campaign.Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition offers the player a variety of unique cosmetics, as well as the Jump Starter Pack, which unlocks titan models, pilot tacticals, and more. GameplayIn Titanfall 2, the player is handed the controls of a highly advanced battle mech called Titan and their pilot, and thrown into the heat of battle in various gameplay modes. The mechanics of playing as either the pilot or the Titan differ significantly. As the pilot, the player is more agile, can use different offensive and defensive skills, and increase their mobility through the use of a grappling hook. The mechs are sturdier and better equipped, but lack mobility to perform the pilot's acrobatic actions. Each Titan available in the game uses different types of weapons, offering the player a unique tactical advantage over their enemy. Some mechs specialize in wide-area attacks, while others are perfect at long-range assaults. Choosing a perfect Titan for a given mission will be crucial to its success. The game can be played in two modes - single-player campaign and multiplayer. The campaign introduces the player to the game's story, a feature previously unseen in the series. In multiplayer, the player can engage others in different matches, putting their Titan-piloting skills to the test. Story SummaryIn the distant future, Earth became a part of the so-called "Core System" of planets. Lightyears away, a remote cluster called the Frontier is the area of conflict between the profit-oriented Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Frontier Militia, a group of colonists tired of serving their overlords. As Jack Cooper, one of the Militia's riflemen, the player will carry on their dying commander's wish and continue the fight against the IMC, whose plans for the Frontier are far more nefarious than simple corporate greed. ReceptionTitanfall 2 was met with a highly positive reception from the critics. The reviewers praised the title's gameplay mechanics and level design. The game received several accolades, including PCGamer's Shooter of the Year award. Key featuresExperience the exhilarating gameplay as a pilot of a highly-advanced battle mechSelect from a variety of available units, each with different combat capabilities Use your pilot instincts and equipment to traverse the hostile areas outside your machine Play through the game's story campaign and into the multiplayer mode, with plenty of interesting match types Ultimate Edition offers unique skins and early unlocks for improved gameplay experience
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