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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Steam Key GLOBAL
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The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PC) is the final season of an episodic adventure game developed and published by Telltale Games and Skybound Games. The final season concludes the story of a young girl named Clementine, who tries to survive in a dangerous world full of hostile zombies, being no less of a threat than living people she meets on her journey. The first two episodes of the final season were released in 2018, and the two last episodes became available a few months later in early 2019.StoryTelltale The Walking Dead The Final Season follows the story of a girl named Clementine, who first appeared back in the first season when as a little girl she was saved by Lee, who was the main character at that time. Since then, she became the playable protagonist, around which the story revolves. The WD: The Final Season is split into 4 episodes. The journey starts 3 years after events shown in the third season.Episode 1 – Done Running - Clementine, together with a boy named AJ she takes care of, joins a group of other teens hiding in an abandoned school in the forest. There she finds about twin sisters went missing, and accidentally discovers the dark truth behind their disappearance.Episode 2 – Suffer the Children - Teens vote to kick Clementine and AJ out from the school because of the boy’s actions. The two accept to leave. In the wilds, they meet Lilly, who was banished from the group by Lee in the first season of the series. She is hostile and poses a new threat to Clem, AJ, and the rest of the children from the school.Episode 3 – Broken Toys - The group finds out where the raiders hide and decide to organize a rescue mission to save kidnapped children. The plan involves using the walkers to infiltrate the base. Unfortunately, not everything goes exactly as intended.Episode 4 – Take Us Back - After saving the children, friends need to make their way back to safety, and they decide to go through the caves. The trip is filled with dangers, but if the group wants to get to the school, they have no other choice but to take the risk.GameplayThe game represents an adventure genre with linear progression, closed world, and occasional quick time events. You need to solve the simple riddles, find needed objects and use them properly to advance the story. The game implements controller support.The game is meant to be played alone in single-player mode and has no multiplayer. The game, similarly to previous installments, allows making some important choices, which will impact how the story goes and how it ends. Each episode features a multiplayer summary, which can tell you the percentage of people who chose one option over the other for each of the choices the player was facing during playing.Walking Dead The Final Season is a direct continuation of Clementine’s journey and allows to import saved games from previous seasons – decisions made before, as well as their consequences, will carry over to this season. It is possible, however, to approach the game with no knowledge of the previous games, as the final season features a short introductory tale which enables making all the vital decisions once again in case you didn’t play the series before.Reception & SummaryThe game received positive reviews, with critics praising characterization, visuals, and improved gameplay mechanics. The story itself also drew much of the attention and was considered a satisfying finish to Clementine’s story. The final season is generally seen as an upgrade to the previous installments of the series in almost every aspect and as a return to the core of the franchise.If you are interested in adventure games, you may be also interested in similar games, which you can find on G2A.COM as well. Purchasing the game in the form of digital key speeds up the process and allows you to play shortly after finalizing the transaction. You can download the bought product directly from the Steam platform.
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