The Valley In My Mind Steam Key GLOBAL

The Valley In My Mind Steam Key GLOBAL
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Explore several mysterious and fractured worlds!You find yourself dropped into an unknown realm with only your hands and your wits to see you through. Navigate a strange realm to find the keys that unlock the way forward. Utilize ancient portals to escape the dangers that surround you and reveal the path home.Fight to get out alive!Slaughter hordes of ravenous undead and other vicious beasts in an ongoing struggle for survival. As in life, you only have one chance to make it home - are you up to the challenge?Uncover your hidden past!Seek out scattered documents from your past to uncover the truth. Be sure to look everywhere, for they are not to be found on the beaten path. Find out what happened, why you are here and who is responsible! Craft your tools for survival!Locate the various weapons, ammo, upgrade parts and relics dispersed throughout the world to forge your path to victory! Find campfires to construct powerful upgrades and personal defenses to even the odds.Unleash your death-defying powers to overcome intense obstaclesActivate the ancient altar to take advantage of the curse placed upon you. Locate the altar of time, and uncover invisible pathways to ensure victory!
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