The Talos Principle - Soundtrack Gift Steam GLOBAL

The Talos Principle - Soundtrack Gift Steam GLOBAL
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The Talos Principle - Soundtrack is the official soundtrack which includes a collection of 25 amazing tracks from the game, plus 2 bonus tracks, composed and now also specially remixed by Serious Sam's composer Damjan Mravunac. TRACK LIST:01. Welcome To Heaven (2:21)02. When In Rome (2:27)03. Trials (3:48)04. The Sigils Of Our Name (2:32)05. Temple Of My Father (2:48)06. Made Of Words (4:45)07. Sanctuary (1:54)08. A Land Of Great Beauty (3:18)09. A Land Of Ruins (2:42)10. Before Was Only Chaos (2:16)11. All Else Is Decay (2:53)12. The Worlds Of My Garden Are Many (2:49)13. The Temple Of The Sands (2:00)14. The Guardians (2:20)15. The Dance Of Eternity (1:24)16. Your Wisdom Grows (2:09)17. Blessed And Beloved (1:49)18. A Land Of Tombs (2:16)19. To Seek Salvation (2:21)20. Do With It As You Will (2:09)21. Virgo Serena (1:31)22. The Forbidden Tower (3:44)23. Out There (2:49)24. Heavenly Clouds (2:40)25. False God (3:57)BONUS TRACKS:26. Extra Bonus - Blessed Messenger (0:58)27. Extra Bonus - The End Of The Process (Finale) (3:29)NOTE: The Talos Principle - All songs are presented in OGG, AAC, FLAC and WMA formats and placed in your Talos folder in the Steam Directory: ...Steam\\steamapps\\common\\The Talos Principle\\The Talos Principle - Soundtrack\\ (Soundtrack_OGG\\, Soundtrack_AAC\\, Soundtrack_FLAC\\ and Soundtrack_WMA\\)
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productid: 144008
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