The Signifier (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

The Signifier (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Journey from the real world into the surreal realms of objective memories and subjective experiences in this psychological thriller. Experimental parapsychology, artificial intelligence, and technology intersect to solve puzzles, unravel dialog, and seek the truth.GameplayExplore the real and surreal worlds, become immersed in fringe psychology, solve puzzles, and find the truth as Frederick Russell, an expert in AI and psychology, and the main researcher behind an experimental deep brain scanner called the Dreamwalker. Its controversial technology allows the exploration of the recorded senses and unconscious realms of the mind. He finds himself thrust into a spiral of intrigue when asked to use his creation after the vice president of the world’s biggest tech company turns up dead in her apartment.Key FeaturesThree coexisting dimensions to explore: reality, and the objective memories and subjective dreams in the mindscapeMove between realms to solve puzzles, unlock new dialog branches, and unravel the mysteryLearn psychological concepts to use powers and tools for navigating the strange and unpredictable unconsciousnessEvery challenge is part of the mystery that creates unique moments with no fillerA multi-layer narrative that spirals into a complex web of real-world intrigue as surreal suspenseGet immersed in thought provoking tension, free from jump scaresQuestion the implications of AI, intrusion to the consciousness, privacy, and whether we see the world as it is or a subjective creation of our minds
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