The Secret World: Ultimate Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

The Secret World: Ultimate Edition Steam Key GLOBAL
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Get the ultimate experience of this deep and unique Massively Multiplayer Online Game with The Secret World: Ultimate Edition - it contains all content updates so far! The Secret World is a modern MMO unlike any other. Play through the incredible story and face unknown horrors, challenging puzzles, exciting mysteries and brutal monsters. Join one of three Secret Societies and travel from New England to Egypt, Transylvania, Venice and Tokyo in a modern world where legends come to life! No subscription is required to play The Secret World.Key featuresThe Secret World: Ultimate Edition contains:The full Secret World massively multiplayer online game with 30 days Membership included. Issue #5: The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn – A deep and dark mystery investigation on Solomon Island. Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo – An epic Indiana Jones-style adventure (including time travel!) in Egypt. Issue #7: A Dream to Kill – A spy thriller full of intrigue and action in the snowy mountains of Transylvania. Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda – Take on virtual training scenarios in Venice. Issue #9: The Black Signal – Discover the all new adventure zone and continue the main story. Issue #10: Nightmares in the Dream Palace – Learn who set off the rising tide of darkness. Issue #11: Reaping the Whirlwind – Reap the consequences of your choices in the main story! Sidestories: Further Analysis – Four Investigation Missions with Deep Mystery Box and The Inspector's Gadget rewards. Sidestories: Love & Loathing – Five Missions with Deep Mystery Box and Cracked Noh mask rewards. Sidestories: The Last Pagan – Six Missions with Deep Mystery Box and Lorenzian Fabricator rewards. Beginner Weapons – A full set of nine powerful and cool looking starter weapons. AP Injection (25 cc) – Gain 25 Ability Points instantly for a flying start. Ability Point Boost – For three days you earn double Ability Points as you play the game.Issue #1 - #4 – These content updates were released for free in 2012 and are fully available for you to explore. The Zenith Core – An exclusive and epic outfit for all your characters.
platform: Steam
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