The Prison Experiment: Battle Royale Steam Key GLOBAL

The Prison Experiment: Battle Royale Steam Key GLOBAL
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The Prison Experiment (PC) is a third person game in the genre of Battle Royale. There is Classic Battle Royal and King of the Cell Block playing modes to choose from. The player fights with numerous other players and try to battle them all to be the last man standing. The game is available in the early access mode.The FacilityThe game is set in Summer Heights Correctional Facility, where the government is using inmates for its experiment. The prison is overpopulated and the government, as the solution to the too many inmates residing, decided to stage up fights between with the ones who won the fight gaining freedom. At the same time, pitting inmates against each other is part of the so-called The Prison Experiment. The situation is constantly observed by the government that want to see how inmates are psychologically affected by the difficult situation and the prospect of the ultimate reward: going home and getting a pardon.The player’s task is to gain freedom by winning the mammoth Battle Royal of The Prison Experiment. As you play in the third person, you face the challenge to become the strongest man out there. The game is the classic, genre-defining Battle Royale, but it comes with a new aspect that makes it even more interesting, apart from fifty players fighting for the title of the best one, there are different modes that adds to the playing experience.Classic Battle RoyaleA typical Battle Royale mode. There are fifty players in the game and only one can win in the end. The trick here is to be always on the move. The cells keep on closing and if you won’t leave them on time you might find yourself trapped with no escape. You will eliminate yourself from the competition in quite foolish way, so remember to move from the cell to cell and keep an eye on the doors all the time.King of the Cell BlockThis is a unique take on the Battle Royale genre that makes this game more exciting and difficult. There are also fifty players entering the competition, but they are divided into five sectors. They are randomly spread around the map. Each of the section will have one winner of the fight and then all the five winners enter the yet another, sixth location to fight themselves. From this last fight of the five best man in the prison, there will be only one winner that walks away as a free man.Game modesThe game has two modes to play: one classic Battle Royale with fifty players fighting each other and one being a twist to the genre with fifty players divided into five sections. There are statistics available, stored on dedicated servers of the producer of the game. The game is available in the early access mode.Early AccessThe game is available in the early access. It is fully functional, and the base map is completed, however the producer is looking for the feedback on the game performance and aim to improve any issues before the final release. Also, the new characters will be added later on, as well as new prison maps. The game will be in early access for six months. The producer does not plan to change its price after that period.
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