The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a visual novel in the adventure genre developed and published by Capcom in July 2021. This edition of the game features both entrances of the Great ace attorney series: The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. The game allows the player to take over the character of Ryuonosuke, a young novice attorney and conduct investigations leading to court battles against suspects. The success of each case depends solely on the quality of exploration of places of crime carried out by the player.GameplayIn this visual novel game in the anime style, the player gains control of a young lawyer to solve numerous cases. Investigation of crime scenes carries out in the point-and-click form of gameplay, and a thorough examination is of utmost importance as a tiny detail missed may lead to a loss in the courtroom. Apart from inspecting crime scenes, hearing different people and possible suspects is a significant step in the work of a young lawyer.Conversation with various characters may bring much-needed evidence to solve the intriguing puzzle. With enough evidence gathered and numerous characters heard out, the player may move the case to court and witness testimonies one by one to decide who is guilty.GamemodesThe ace attorney pc game is a single-player experience with a law-oriented style as the player has to investigate and then face a suspect in a courtroom.CharactersVisual novels tend to have a large cast of unique and colourful characters, and this attorney game is not different. To begin with, the main character and young lawyer controlled by the player is Ruonosuke Naruhodo. Several characters will be at his side to help with all the investigations and hard work of a young attorney, ranging from faithful judicial assistants and his best friend to even Herlock Sholmes, not to confuse with Sherlock Holmes.The ace attorney pc game met with very positive reviews throughout the gaming community. The thorough and exceedingly immersive world of crimes that tells a cohesive story and leads to a satisfactory ending could not simply go by the demanding community of gamers.Key FeaturesThe possibility of a thorough examination of crime scenesThe cohesive story leading to a satisfactory endingA visual novel with unique anime-styled charactersAn immersive world with a mystery to be solvedA game valued by the community for its intriguing plot and gameplay
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