The Foretold: Westmark Legacy (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

The Foretold: Westmark Legacy (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Explore the corrupted peninsula in a stunning hand drawn art style.You play as Herbert Westmark, paranormal investigator and curator of odd trinkets. Together with a parasite demon Ambrose you explore the map of Burrmouth to get to the bottom of why people here are missing. Where will your unhinged journey take you in this unique cosmic horror adventure?The stylish art will set the mood to a gothic horror adventure where Herbert tries to survive by using his skills, items and deck.This gothic horror adventure deck builder is inspired by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King and Mary Shelley to name a few.Equip items and relics; acquire cards and use them on the board to survive the darkest corners outside of town. An interesting dive into the unknown with a cosy horror atmosphere.Features:Explore the branching roads along the world map that hold random loot, encounters and surprises.Dive into a deep fully voiced narrative with interesting characters.Branching dialogues and multiple endings.Persona Points allow you to level up Herbert's various skills.Skill Checks will allow to test your character build.Build your deck against the dark corrupted things that haunt citizens of Burrmouth.Collect items to aid you and level up your Persona in order to survive the things that hunt you.Use your notebook together with dialogue choices to get closer to out what really is going on here.Dig deeper with tabletop-style skill checks to see what more you can learn - but be aware that there may be risks should you fail.
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