The Fate of Food

The Fate of Food
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Is the future of food looking bleak - or better than ever?
At a time when every day brings news of drought and famine, Amanda Little investigates what it will take to feed a hotter, hungrier, more crowded world.
She explores the past along with the present and discovers startling innovations: remote-control crops, vertical farms, robot weedkillers, lab-grown meat, 3D-printed meals, water networks run by supercomputers, cloud seeding and sensors that monitor the microclimate of individual plants. She meets the creative and controversial minds changing the face of modern food production, and tackles fears over genetic modification with hard facts.
The Fate of Food is a fascinating look at the threats and opportunities that lie ahead as we struggle for food security.
Faced with a perilous future, it gives us reason to hope.
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author: Little Amanda
ISBN: 9781786076533
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