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Tell Me Why (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Tell Me Why is a single-player, TPP adventure game developed by an independent Paris studio, DONTNOD Entertainment. The team consists of a group of very talented people, who worked for the biggest companies in the gaming industry such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, or Criterion Games. Tell Me Why is an episodic game, in which players learn about the past of twins - Ashley and her trans-gender brother, Tyler Ronan. What is worth mentioning, this is the first video game where one of the main characters is a member of the transgender community. Storyline The story of the Tell Me Why is presented in three chapters. The action of the game takes place in Dellos Crossing, a fictional town located somewhere in Alaska. Because of some tragic events, Ollie Ronan has been separated from her sister and sent to the reformatory. After years, the sibling reunites. However, some things have changed, as Ollie passed through a gender transition process. Now, Ashley and Tyler come back to their hometown to discover the secrets of their family. They soon realize that memories can help them to find the answers to their questions. Gameplay During the game, the action is presented from the third-person perspective (TPP). Players take control of Ashley and Tyler, while they are trying to unravel the mysteries of their family. The gameplay focuses mostly on exploring, solving puzzles, and interacting and talking with NPCs. Memories of the main characters play a key role in the story. Throughout the game, players will have to make essential decisions and deal with their possible consequences. While experiencing flashbacks, players will have to choose, the right in their opinion, version of the past as Tyler, and Ashley remember it differently. Tell Me Why features numerous endings, depending on the player's choices, encouraging for numerous playthroughs in order to learn and understand the whole story. Reception Tell Me Why received mostly favorable reviews among critics and the gaming community. Many players praised the game's story and applauded developers for their courage while introducing trans-gender character as one of the main roles. According to Steam, over 90% of users' reviews are positive, and the game reached a score of 78/100 points on Metacritic. Numerous recommendation proves the game to be a good choice for everyone looking for an engaging, mature, and well-written story. Key Features Learn the story of the Ronan family secrets. Beautiful Alaskan setting. Multiple, sometimes difficult, moral choices. Numerous possible endings. Unique and incredibly well-written characters, you will not forget for a long time.
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