Tank Mechanic Simulator VR (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Tank Mechanic Simulator VR (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Fix, build and renovate highly detailed and fully interactive tanks (German, USA or Soviet), armored cars or self-propelled guns. Experience a realistic simulator game of being a Tank Mechanic. Grow your repair service business and start your own tank museum. Start the engine of a newly renovated tank, and feel its former power!Tank Mechanic Simulator in VR is a new experienceRenovateRenovate II World War tanks. Transform them from rusty and ruined to fully working:De-rust the tankSandblast the tankApply primer paint to the tankApply final paint to the tank (factory paint)Add custom paint, camouflage, color, decal in the paint roomSell the tank or put it in your museum to gain money and reputationCustomizeTake tanks fully apart by using different tools:Rust Removal ToolSand BlasterPaint GunHammerGrinder - to cut and grindWrench pistol - to quickly disassemble rusted screws/bolts
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