Tales of Arise | Cross-Gen Bundle (Xbox Series X/S) - XBOX Account - GLOBAL

Tales of Arise | Cross-Gen Bundle (Xbox Series X/S) - XBOX Account - GLOBAL
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Tales of Arise is an upcoming Japanese action RPG by Bandai Namco Entertainment, with a release date set for 2021. The title is arranged in an entirely new, fantastically advanced style that continues the tradition started by the Tales of Phantasia jRPG video game. Take part in the conflict between two planets and become the hero this beautiful world deserves! Story The planets of Rena and Dahna are in conflict. The reason is one of the planets that has been using the resources of the other for many years. Two nations continue fighting until now. Explore the vibrant world of the Tales series and relive the stories of heroes serving both sides of the conflict. Learn the story of courage, friendship, brotherhood, and honor. Rewrite the history of both planets from scratch and decide how their tale will end! Gameplay Enter the graphically perfectly polished world of Tales of Arise and embark on an adventure! Thanks to Unreal Engine 4, you will live an entirely new aesthetic gameplay experience. Your story will start with two characters: Alphen and Shionne. Together with them, you will explore a realistic world, where you will meet new friends, discover unknown locations and face dangerous and powerful enemies. Watch the time of day and weather change. Travel, cross rocky mountains, and discover places that you have never dared to dream about ever before. Follow the main storyline or engage in side activities. Rest in the meadow, prepare food or encounter the inhabitants of the planet and discover their stories. Or complete quests and gain experience to liberate your people from oppression! A significant element of new tales of games is combat. Spectacular, fast, and more and more demanding each time. Winning depends not only on your hero's skills and equipment but also on your dexterity. Use complex attack combinations and surprise the enemy with clever moves. Together with your teammates, implement the Boost Strike attack strategy that will make you unbeatable. Key features Play the seventeenth installment in the series of action RPGs developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Discover the story of two planets - technologically advanced Rena and the enslaved Dahna. Travel with Alphen and Shionne and follow the captivating story of friendship. Fight powerful opponents, use complex attack combinations and win. Explore a graphically sophisticated, anime-like world in which you will be amazed at every step.
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