T3 Soft Touch 3 Diffuser

T3 Soft Touch 3 Diffuser
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Boost your hair's natural texture & volume Diffuser for T3 AireLuxe Hair Dryer Defines your curls or coils Smoothes hair cuticles to eliminate frizz Distributes heat evenly for quick drying Vented extensions boost volume and texture Prevents over-drying and reduces heat damage Beachy waves, tight ringlets, or loose curls – the T3 SoftTouch 3 Diffuser makes it easy to style them all. Dispersing air evenly with its vented finger extensions, this diffuser enhances your hair's natural volume while reducing frizz for smooth, defined curls. It's compatible with the T3 AireLuxe Professional Hair Dryer, so all you need to do it attach it and apply your favourite heat protectant spray. Start on the lowest heat setting and work your way up for best results.
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