Surviving Mars: Digital Deluxe Edition Steam Key RU/CIS

Surviving Mars: Digital Deluxe Edition Steam Key RU/CIS
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Surviving Mars Digital Deluxe Edition is a complete edition of Surviving Mars containing both the base game and a set of upgrades such as: “Metropolis” Building Set, "Quantum Sonics" radio station and Onyx Housing Skins that change the appearance of houses. The game was developed by the Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, and then released in 2018 by Paradox Interactive. Surviving Mars Digital Deluxe is a typical survival city builder. The player's task is to build a colony on the hostile planet Mars and ensure that the colonists survive. Gameplay Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition is a game in which the player must focus on surviving in space, on the surface of the not-so-friendly planet Mars. You start your adventure by choosing a sponsoring country for your trip - each of them offers different benefits and opportunities. Actually, the game will consist of many choices. Their results will affect the fate of the entire colony, and the colonists. During the game you will build factories, commercial buildings, gather resources and discover the mysteries of Mars. Each step must be thought out and planned well in advance - otherwise your colonists will die. Story Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition is set in a science-fiction world, and as a typical survival city builder, it does not have a clear storyline. While playing, there are minor plot threads, but they do not influence the gameplay. Key Features Building colonies in conditions that are not friendly to the human species Colonists with their own egos, strengths, and weaknesses A random research tree that helps you achieve new scientific breakthroughs Extensive mod support
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age: ESRB Everyone 10+,PEGI 7
platform: Steam
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