Sudden Strike 4 - Road to Dunkirk Steam Key GLOBAL

Sudden Strike 4 - Road to Dunkirk Steam Key GLOBAL
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Relive the famous rescue operation that took place in May 1940, during the Second World War, on the French coast. The British Expeditionary Force together with parts of French Army retreated to Dunkirk, pressed by German soldiers. It seemed there was no way out and all the Allied forces will perish crushed by merciless Nazis. However, the one-in-a-kind rescue operation took place and proved to be success. Now the players can launch “Operation Dynamo” in this Sudden Strike 4 Road to Dunkirk game, a DLC to basic game. There are two campaigns to choose from, whether you want to be an Allied force being evacuate or the German side that march to crash them and made the way back impossible.Four new missionsYou are provided with two small campaigns, both in a single player mode. In total there are four new missions to undertake, all based on the true events of the famous Dunkirk rescue operation. In the German campaign, the player is supposed to break through the French defense line in the Battle of Lille, then conquer the Dunkirk and destroy the British battleship. In the Allied forces campaign, the main task is to evacuate as many as possible soldiers from the French beach under the “Operation Dynamo”. Before the rescue mission can take place, the player needs to launch an effective counter-strike of British forces in the Battle of Ypres-Comines. You can become one of two famous commanders: Charles de Gaulle, a French war hero, who later became a French president or the division commander of the British Expeditionary Force, Harold Alexander. Decide which strategy you will take on in your missions. Road to Dunkirk was produced by Kite Games.The game is a single player one, with two campaigns and four missions, complementary to the basic game. This DLC also provides players with new units: especially worth mentioning are German artillery SIG 33 Bison, British tank of medium size A10 Cruiser Mk. II, French heavy tank Char B1 or British destroyer HMS Ivanhoe. The possibility of choosing the side: German or allied forces, makes it a more interesting and exciting battle. The game can boast of all the features of the basic version. Those, who know Sudden Strike 4, won’t have any problems feeling like at home playing this DLC. New challenges can speed up your journey up the leaderboard and unlock some new abilities of the base version. The AI in this add-on is improved compared to the base game as it is more responsive and self-aware. The DLC brings even more amusement to those fancying real-time strategy games, that Sudden Strike is a great representative of.Key featuresAvailable only for users of Sudden Strike: 4Leading battles to Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo scenariosOne of the most famous rescue operation that took place during the Second World WarTwo mini-campaignsOne player modeFour missions, two for each campaignAllied forces or Third Reich to choose fromTen new units, among them German artillery, British destroyer, French heavy tank and moreDifferent strategies of two commanders: Charles de Gaulle or Harold Alexander.
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