Stunt Rock (US Import)

Stunt Rock (US Import)
Zavvi International
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Take the thrill of insane stunts and the excitement of rock 'n' roll, fuse them together and you get Stunt Rock! The madness starts when real-life Australian stuntman Grant Page (Mad Max) goes to L.A. and meets up with a theatrical rock band called Sorcery, and Page impresses the rockers so much with his daredevil antics that they hire him for their act.While his first stunt lands him in the hospital, the reckless Page defies his doctors' orders, escaping out of the ward's fifth-story window to get back to the band. Page soon finds himself the focus of the ladies, attracting both a newspaper reporter (Margaret Gerard, The Siege of Firebase Gloria) and a television star (Monique van de Ven, Turkish Delight), much to the annoyance of her manager (Richard Blackburn, Eating Raoul).Featuring non-stop action, a killer soundtrack and pedal-to-the-metal direction by Ozploitation king Brian Trenchard-Smith (The Man from Hong Kong, The Quest), Stunt Rock is an adrenaline-fueled cult classic that's a death wish at 120 decibels!Brand New 4K RestorationAudio Commentary by Director Brian Trenchard-Smith with Actors Grant Page and Margaret Trenchard-SmithNOT QUIET HOLLYWOOD Interview with Brian Trenchard-SmithNOT QUIET HOLLYWOOD Interview with Lead Actor/Stuntman Grant PageThe Ultimate Rush: Conversation with Brian and Margaret Trenchard-Smith2009 Interview with Brian Trenchard-Smith, Sorcery Lead Guitarist Smokey Huff and Producer Marty FinkTheatrical TrailerSelect Songs From the Soundtrack (First Time in Stereo)
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