Stronghold: Crusader II Steam Key EUROPE

Stronghold: Crusader II Steam Key EUROPE
FireFly Studios
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€ 3.47
Shipping from: Lithuania
Stronghold: Crusader II is a long-awaited sequel to a strategy simulator game Stronghold: Crusader developed by FireFly Studios. Explore the deserts of the Middle East, year 1189, build yourself a castle and initiate in fast-paced addictive and thrilling gameplay!
With combined real-time strategy and castle management features, Stronghold is an exceptional strategic piece to snatch. Play as the fierce Crusader Knight, or an Arabic fighter and decide the fate of these vast unexplored lands.
Command over 25 unique units and master their various abilities. Knights, archers, assassins, and many more will walk under your unconditional rule. Once you feel capable to lead your troops to glory, try out online battles with up to 8 other commanders feeling the same way you do!
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