Stoneshard - Steam - Key GLOBAL

Stoneshard - Steam - Key GLOBAL
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Stoneshard is a challenging turn-based RPG set in an open world. Experience the unforgiving life of a medieval mercenary: travel across the war-torn kingdom, fulfill contracts, fight, mend your wounds and develop your character without any restrictions.EXPLORE THE RAVAGED LANDSOpen WorldWar always leaves its mark: villages lie in ruins, dungeons are infested with monsters and old roads are abandoned. Travel across Aldor and learn more about its past.EconomyThe wartime economy is ruthless, but it also presents many opportunities: fulfill contracts, hunt for treasure, trade in a variety of goods and travel the land to earn your fortune.CHOOSE YOUR PATHCharacter DevelopmentExperiment with 100+ abilities and 200+ equipment pieces without any class or level restrictions. Create your very own playstyle!Enemy VarietyTake part in intense battles against numerous factions. Brigands, abominable cults, the undead - all of them require a unique approach.Tactical BattlesThere is no hand-holding. Only the thoughtful ones shall prevail - plan a few turns ahead, adapt to your surroundings and fully utilize your character’s strengths.SURVIVE AGAINST THE ODDSHealth SystemMaster the simple but deep health system: cauterize bleeding wounds, relieve pain with alcohol and drugs, practice bloodletting and heal your maladies with various concoctions.PsycheDifferent in-game situations have a distinct influence on your character’s mental condition. High morale may turn the tide in your favor when fighting even the most hopeless of battles, while low sanity brings panic attacks and paranoia.PermadeathDo you like risk? Then try out the Ironman mode, where every decision is irreversible and your character dies once and for all.PLANNED UPDATESNew ContentNew settlements, including three majestic cities. New enemy factions: the mysterious Deep Dwellers and the ruthless Hive. Even more activities, equipment, enemies and abilities.CaravanGather your caravan: upgrade it, find new routes and recruit followers - their skills and abilities will surely come in handy. Feeling tired? Return to your camp to hear fresh stories or just rest by the fire.DevotionDevote yourself to one of the aspects of the enigmatic deity. But remember: every blessing hasits price. Are you ready to make a pact?CampaignTo solve the mystery of the Stoneshards, you’ll have to visit dozens of exciting locations, make decisions with long-lasting consequences and slay a number of ferocious bosses.Alchemy & CookingDiscover new recipes and experiment with potions and dishes by combining different ingredients.
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