Steel Division 2 - Back To War Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

Steel Division 2 - Back To War Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
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Play with the most powerful Units & Divisions from Normandy in Steel Division 2! Completely free for Steel Division: Normandy 44 owners, this Pack features:4 additional Nations: USA, Canada, United Kingdom & France8 Divisions, 4 from each side, playable in solo, coop and multiplayer real-time skirmish350+ units from the first gameExclusive never-seen-before unitsNew nations, new DivisionsThe Operation Overlord allied are coming to Belarus! With this Pack, free for Steel Division: Normandy 44 owners, play as an American, Canadian, British or French commander in the battlefield, build the perfect battlegroups and lead your men in epic real-time tactical battles!Play with the most famous divisions from the Battle of Normandy, assess their strength and weaknesses, master their unique playstyle and defeat your enemies. This Pack features 8 Divisions from Steel Division: Normandy 44:3rd Armored - USA3rd Canadian Infantry - Canada15th (Scottish) Infantry - United Kingdom2e Division Blindée - France21. Panzer - GermanyPanzer-Lehr - Germany116. Panzer - Germany352. Infanterie - GermanyAll these Divisions have been tweaked to fit with Steel Division 2's new tactical gameplay.Field more than 350 additional unitsPlay with the most iconic units from the first game! Field the monstruous Königstiger on the battlefield, crush your enemy tanks with Achilles tank destroyer, add the Sherman Firefly to your deck, and admire all the upgraded 3d models in Steel Division 2's Armory. Discover never-seen-before units, only available in this Pack, such as the Long Tom 155 mm Howitzer, the M4 High Speed Tractor, the Do 217 heavy bomber plane, and the exclusive Panzer III K & Panzer IV F1 tanks!
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