Star Tactics Redux Steam Key GLOBAL

Star Tactics Redux Steam Key GLOBAL
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Star Tactics is a hardcore turn-based strategy and tactics game full of spacefleet battles.30+ hours of gameplay, infinite randomized battles, huge campaign with different ways of completion. Experience infinite tactical situations and outsmart the tricky AI using dozens of ships and special abilities.Do expect fierce battles with dozens of ships involved, infinite amount of challenging tactical situations, tough decisions of how to compose your fleets and pure joy when destroying an enemy ship. Because battles are tough. Turn-based tactical gameplay with top-down perspective;Campaign featuring large-scale fleet battles. 30 missions, different ways to compose your fleet to increase replayability and involve thinking;Skirmish mode - infinite randomized battles. Level up your Commander and access new ships;Special abilities like missile or torpedo strike, afterburner, forcefield, U-turn and other awesomeness;36 ships from smallest Scout to tremendous Command Dreadnought; Ship variants with different stats, weapons and abilities. Total of 60+ different units;9 weapons of different tactical roles which projectiles shine like little stars;Advanced AI: ships avoid missiles, fly from the most vulnerable side, set targets according to priority (capitals target capitals, fighters target fighters) and take into account their most effective side, firepower-wise;Different map objects like damaging gas field, nebulas to hide and make an ambush, asteroids and mine fields. Battles are really diverse;Interesting, skill-based achievements with meaningful rewards;Rare visual style with holographic vibe;Great visuals overall: a lot of VFX, particles and postprocess aligned to make the game look astounding;Carefully handcrafted UI and user experience;Music by X3 and X-Rebirth composer.
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